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Borrower marketing


Sales and Marketing tools available in BNTouch Mortgage CRM will increase your lead conversion, customer satisfaction and repeat business.  Our robust marketing engine will stay in touch with your borrowers before, during and after your transaction keeping your company’s image consistent and professional.

Lead Management and Distribution

BNTouch is equipped with an intelligent lead intake and distribution system that will automatically accept new leads through website integration, XML posting, or manual importing. Once a lead is received, the distribution engine will read the information associated with that lead and determine which LO or sales agent to assign that lead to.

Prospect Management

Regardless of what marketing channels you are using to generate leads, your conversion rates will suffer if you do not consistently follow up your leads when they become legitimate
prospects. BNTouch allows you to be consistent with the message and never miss a follow up call.


To get repeat business, you need to make sure your clients are impressed with your service during the transaction. BNTouch allows you to stay on top and immediately notify borrowers, Realtors and other participants about status changes on their loans.

Funded and Post-Funded Management

The BNTouch marketing engine will help you achieve more repeat business and referrals by delivering a targeted message and consistently communicating with everyone in your database. The BNTouch Marketing Pipeline organizes your database and takes control of your marketing communication so you don’t have to worry about adding and removing people from marketing campaigns.

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BNTouch Partner Marketing

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Partner pipeline

Our clients generate hundreds of new leads each week from their Real Estate partners and peers by utilizing the power of bntouch!

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“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your software !!!!!!! I have been in the mortgage industry for 25 years, and if I had this application years ago, I couldn’t even imagine how incredible my client/partner base would be today !!!!!”

Steven Baritz
Island Federal Mortgage Corp

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