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Regardless of what marketing channels you are using to generate leads, your conversion rates will suffer if you do not immediately route each lead to the right representative in your company and ensure that each lead is followed up with promptly and consistently.

BNTouch Lead Management is equipped with an intelligent lead intake and distribution system that will automatically accept new leads through website integration, XML posting, or manual importing. Once a lead is received, the distribution engine will read the information associated with that lead and determine which LO or sales agent to assign that lead to.

Automatic Lead Intake (Capture)

BNTouch CRM can automatically capture leads from multiple sources. BNTouch is already integrated with most of the mortgage industry’s premier lead providers and can also integrate with other 3rd party applications through XML posting, web forms, and CSV imports.

Lead Distribution and Routing

Our distribution engine can intelligently distribute your leads by source, loan type, or any information that is important to your business. With BNTouch you can distribute, re-distribute, set distribution schedules and rules to exactly fit your sales process.

Immediate Marketing Response

You can be confident that your leads will get a personalized response almost immediately with BNTouch CRM. The minute a lead is entered into BNTouch, the marketing engine will examine that lead and determine which marketing campaign to put them on.

Lead Nurturing (Long Term Marketing)

BNTouch CRM will convert more leads by continuing to market to them with targeted personalized messages that build trust and provide valuable mortgage information. BNTouch will increase the level of long term communication and ensure continuing follow up with leads until they are ready to move forward with the loan.

Reporting & Analysis

BNTouch CRM will provide you with the reports you need to analyze the performance of your LOs, marketing channels, and other marketing activities so you can continually improve your ROI.

Next Contact Alert

BNTouch sends an email alert when the Next Contact date is reached in Lead Farm. This allows Lead Farm users to constantly follow up on each prospect. Once the prospect is contacted, just change your notes and update Next Contact date to the next wanted date.

Countdown to Home Ownership Notifications

Lead Farm automatically sends recurrent “Countdown to Home Ownership” notifications to you, borrower, co-borrower and selected partners and shows what needs to be done in order to proceed with the loan transaction.

BNTouch Borrowers Portals and Apps

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The Loan Portal is an integrated place where each borrower can view status information, submit feedback or view latest information about their transaction.
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“BNTouch is the most complete system for the money. I am very impressed with the full range of capabilities. Most importantly, I found it easy to use, fully customizable, and it integrates seamlessly with my current systems.”

Mike Pacheco
Senior Loan Officer

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