Use Surveys and Testimonials for Inbound Mortgage Marketing Strategies

by Crystal Minter

Successful loan officers use every tool at their disposal to market their business. This approach is vital to be able to guarantee client satisfaction and grow your professional network. Though outbound mortgage marketing is a more traditional method, an increasing number of LOs are incorporating inbound approaches, too. It is important to gather feedback from clients when you want to build an effective inbound marketing strategy.

With the BNTouch Surveys module, you can create custom surveys to meet a range of goals for your company. Automate custom surveys for delivery to anyone on your contact list. Loan officers can use this module to stay top of mind with clients and to gather testimonials for inbound mortgage marketing.

Customizing and Automating Surveys

Use Surveys and Testimonials for Inbound Mortgage Marketing Strategies,

The BNTouch Surveys module features a user-friendly interface. You can access it directly through your mortgage CRM portal. With this module, you can:

  • Customize surveys
  • Use pre-built survey templates
  • Send targeted surveys at any time
  • Automate surveys to deploy at particular points in a borrower’s loan process

Just click on the Marketing tab in your BNTouch CRM and then select the Surveys subsection. When you click on the “Create New Survey” button, you can customize and categorize your new survey. Stylish templates are also conveniently available through the module.

These customizable surveys can be automatically delivered to borrowers, partners, and prospects. Post-loan follow-up surveys are an excellent way to get useful client comments. This type of questionnaire can provide quality assurance metrics, as well.

LOs can include surveys in automated follow-up emails. Automated surveys can be sent at any point in the loan process. This helps you to stay present with your customers and show them that you appreciate their business.

With BNTouch, you can prompt borrowers to rate aspects of their mortgage experience. They can make a selection on a scale of 1 to 5 stars. Surveys can also include open-ended questions. These are very useful for gathering user testimonials that can further your marketing for your mortgage business.

Strategies to Gather Borrower Testimonials

Use Surveys and Testimonials for Inbound Mortgage Marketing Strategies,

With the Surveys module, your clients can respond to specific questions and prompts. You can shape these prompts to get the types of anecdotes and feedback that will be the most useful for you. Feedback from customers is a powerful tool when marketing your mortgage business.

There are many approaches for collecting usable borrower testimonials. You can send targeted surveys to clients that you know will provide helpful feedback. Send individualized survey requests to anyone on your CRM contact list at any time.

It can be helpful to supplement this approach with a more systematic strategy. Creating a post-loan follow-up survey is a great way to get feedback from every one of your borrowers. You never know which client may provide a glowing review of your services when prompted by a survey.

Effective Marketing for Loan Officers with BNTouch

Use Surveys and Testimonials for Inbound Mortgage Marketing Strategies,

Use testimonials to establish yourself as a trusted and reliable mortgage specialist. While outbound marketing is important, inbound approaches are increasingly relevant. Quotes from satisfied borrowers are highly effective for converting top-quality prospects.

You can use direct quotes from clients on your company’s website, blog, social media accounts, and more. BNTouch Mortgage CRM makes marketing for loan officers more effective than ever before.


Use BNTouch Surveys and Testimonials for Effective

Inbound Mortgage Marketing

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