Mortgage Email and SMS Marketing Automation

by Crystal Minter

Successful mortgage professionals need to use every tool at their disposal to stay top of mind with their borrowers and prospects. In today’s market, digital communication is a necessity. However, manually sending each email or SMS message is inefficient and takes time away from other projects.

The BNTouch Mortgage CRM provides intelligent automation tools for your email and SMS communications with those in your professional network. Email and SMS marketing automation allows you to stay in touch with your contacts in a personalized way without sacrificing workflow efficiency.

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Emails are one of the standard forms of digital communication. Unlike social media posting, emails provide you with the space to include text, videos, images, and document attachments. Emails are an excellent tool for sending information about new opportunities for clients, infographics, or customized video messages.

Effective email marketing campaigns are necessary for cultivating client relationships and expanding your network. The BNTouch Mortgage CRM offers a range of tools to make your email marketing campaigns successful, including:

A Centralized Platform – All of the information regarding your email marketing campaign is kept in a convenient and easy-to-use centralized platform. This allows you to develop pre-written content for specific types of messaging. This is incredibly useful for building consistency and a brand voice with your partners.

Automated Personalization – With the BNTouch Mortgage CRM, meta tags allow you to incorporate specific client data into pre-written emails. For instance, if you have a refinancing opportunity that applies to several of your borrowers, there’s no need to write the email over and over. BNTouch automation will fill in personalized details when the email is sent to your clients, saving you time.

Automated Email Delivery – Automated email marketing lets you schedule specific email messages ahead of time. Never let an important email fall through the cracks again. Birthday wishes, loan anniversaries, and in-processing information for new clients and prospects are all guaranteed to go out on time. Additionally, drafting and scheduling your email marketing campaigns can be done when it’s convenient for you.

Data-Driven Campaign Performance Analysis – BNTouch provides you with a range of reports regarding your email marketing campaigns. The data from these reports can help you determine which of your campaigns is most effective, in which situations, and why.

Successful SMS Marketing Automation

In addition to effective email marketing automation tools, the BNTouch Marketing CRM has everything you need to automate successful SMS marketing campaigns. For those clients and prospects who may check their email accounts less frequently, SMS messaging is a highly effective marketing tool to stay top of mind.

With BNTouch SMS Automation, you can:

Follow Up with New Prospects – Every effective mortgage professional should follow up with a new lead as soon as possible. When a new lead signs up, it’s incredibly important to be in touch quickly to answer any questions that they have and convert them into a reliable client. With SMS automation, you can automate follow-up texts to new leads to let them know that you are always available. Customized follow-up texts are an effective and efficient tool for expanding your business.

Send In-Processing Updates – With BNTouch Mortgage CRM, you can send real-time updates regarding the status of your clients’ loan applications. Set automated texts to be delivered when your clients’ applications reach certain targets in the loan process. This is an excellent strategy for cultivating trust with clients and positioning yourself as a reliable mortgage broker.

Contact Previous Borrowers with Refinancing Opportunities – Set an automated campaign to text your previous borrowers with information about refinancing options. In order to garner their interest, attach a customized video message or infographic detailing the value of refinancing.

Digital communication is a necessary component in marketing your business. Automating your email and SMS marketing campaigns will expand your reach and save you valuable time. The BNTouch Mortgage CRM provides you with powerful and versatile Email and SMS automation tools to help you grow your network, secure clients, and stay top of mind with everyone on your contact list.

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