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Mobile Mortgage CRM

Access Your Client and Partner Data On the Go!

It comes free with your BNTouch Mortgage CRM subscription!

BNTouch Mortgage Mobile CRM allows you to access your client and partner files on the go. It allows owners of iPhone and Android devices to view contact and mortgage information as well as add new clients and partners while out of the office.

Mortgage Mobile CRM allows you to quickly search and call your clients and partners with just one touch. It allows you to check your scheduled tasks and view marketing campaigns that are scheduled to go out.

Mortgage Mobile CRM brings one more way for you to “Be-In-Touch” with your clients and partners!

[iconbox icon_title=”Quickly Find Clients and Partners” icon_name=”icomoon-search-5″ icon_color=”#dd9933″]You can quickly search clients and partners using just one search field. Search is performed on name, email and phone numbers fields.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon_title=”Access Mortgage Information” icon_name=”icomoon-file-check-2″ icon_color=”#dd9933″]You can access basic mortgage information as well as tracker and participants list. Find out who referred you a client or who is a Buyer Agent in a transaction in seconds.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon_title=”Add Clients and Partners” icon_name=”icomoon-user-plus” icon_color=”#dd9933″]You can add clients and partners while you are on the go. Mobile version allows you to start a marketing campaign immediately for an added record.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon_title=”One Touch Calling and Emailing” icon_name=”icomoon-point-up” icon_color=”#dd9933″]iPhone or Android devices allow you to quickly call or email to your contacts in your CRM with just one touch.[/iconbox]
[iconbox icon_title=”Access Daily Digest” icon_name=”icomoon-file” icon_color=”#dd9933″]With BNTouch Mortgage Mobile CRM you can quickly access your tasks, missed tasks, todo’s, upcoming birthdays and pending campaigns via your phone.[/iconbox]

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