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Here is what our clients have to say about our CRM and Marketing system


I like the database part of it and the response of the tech staff.

If you are a mortgage broker, this is the software for you, but you need to be somewhat computer talented to manage sending emails through the system.

Robyn from Greenback Capital Mortgage Corp
Specialty: Mortgage


It keeps my current business with the access tools and makes sure they don’t forget me in the future with the newsletters and well wishes. Unfortunately, people forget your name and number after a while; this prevents that from ever happening! I will never hear, “I would have used you but lost your email and couldn’t find your number” ever again!

I have been a mortgage professional for 15 years and, I have yet to see a CRM tool that fits our specific needs as well as BNTouch does for us. Don’t waste your time with any other use this CRM; you will increase your business and get more repeat business!

Benny from Embassy Funding LLC
Specialty: Mortgage


The system makes is very easy to manage my database, whether I need to follow up with potential clients or market to client’s that I’ve closed in the past.

Rasy from New Horizon Home Loans
Specialty: Banking


I’ve only been using BNTouch for a few weeks, but I can tell it’s going to make my life and my business much more efficient! The automation capabilities in particular are extraordinarily powerful – unfortunately, this also means they’re fairly complicated. There’s definitely a steep learning curve – I’ve had to contact their support department probably a dozen times in the last two weeks. But that said, their support is very helpful, and I learn something each time I speak with somebody. Overall, it seems like a great product so far, and I’m excited to learn more about how to utilize their features!

The fact that it’s tailored specifically for mortgages is helpful – there are places to add all the relevant info I need.

Ali from Loan Simple
Specialty: Mortgage
Number of employees: 2-10 employees


We did a lot of research on different CRM’s currently available on the market and this one offered most. We have been using it for over a year and absolutely love it. Especially since they did the upgrade to a better more appealing platform.

Our favourite feature is the Client & Partner Portals. We found this REALLY streamlines our business with our clients and they always LOVE using the portal. It is also a great way for us to market to our other partners, mainly realtors. Offering them something no other broker is. It allows them to be more involved in the process which they really like.

No real down sides to using this CRM. As long as they continue to re-invent and offer new features I will continue to use them. We would really like to see a revenue tracker where we can keep track of our commissions that have been paid out or not and print out year end reports on them.

Advice to Others

Definitely worth trying. No regrets on our investment into this CRM. Great customer service and the personal portals are such a great feature that no one is offering. LOVE IT!

Kaela from The Mortgage Duo
Specialty: Banking
Number of employees: 2-10 employees

Great experience just plugs and play for me .add referral partners, add clients and simply add them to your drip campaign. Intuitive for the person that makes the small extra time and reads.

Diego from Lincoln Mutual home mortgage
Specialty: Banking
Number of employees: 51-200 employees

As a long time figure in the mortgage industry, myself and my team needed a CRM system that was not labor intensive, and would act as a central hub for all parties during the loan process.  We are happy to say that we have found that with BNTouch.

We were with another CRM for several years previous to this, and found that we were spending hours a day just trying to keep up with exporting our clients info from our LOS, and importing into that CRM.  BNTouch has amazing support in place that not only assisted with onboarding, but also has been available round the clock to answer our questions. They truly worked with us to tailor a unique platform for our team structure.

So happy we switched!

– Dixie Sanders
Mortgage Loan Originator and CORE Training Inc coach
HomeBridge Financial Services / Dixie Sanders Mortgage Team

Everyone that looks at this system should buy it! 1st off the truth is the system is a bit much to try to chew off on your own. However they have a very valuable asset is Bonnie Paris! She is extremely patient and for someone like myself that says a lot. I have had the system for 2 months now and I have gotten 3 people that I would have otherwise lost track of to respond to the well written pre made letters that the system sends out. I have used the system for everything from getting initial disclosure to clients using the secure Client portal. To sharing loan status with my Realtor Partners. And best of all the system sends out emails as each step is accomplished. From the Pre Qual Letter all the way to Funding. And again it was with Bonnies help that it was possible! Really this system makes me look like a Rock star with my realtors and that’s all I care about. It has so much more that the cost is more than justified.

Mike Mattice
Mortgage Loan Originator

I’ve been very impressed with the support and follow up that I’ve been receiving from your company. Not only has the whole process been made easy but everyone has been on the ball and even proactive in checking in on me to make sure that I was getting the help I need. Thank you very much.

Casey Lown
Mortgage Advisor / Reverse Mortgage Specialist

A truly amazing system, I’m looking forward to becoming more automated and systematic.

Clint Womack
Vintage Lending

To date you guys have been super helpful in getting us setup. The support given is just awesome and the system itself exceeds our expectations. We look forward to diving in and using it more and more for our daily business.

Rick Lewis
Client & Marketing Manager

I wanted to tell everyone about BN Touch CRM. I have been in title and mortgage for over 20 years and I have been searching a very long time for a CRM with the following features: Affordable, easy to use, automated newsletters, detailed information ability, and label printing to help me to easily keep up with my prospects and clients. I have many realtors who need me to be able to keep up with the contacts they send me. Not everyone is ready to buy right now so keeping up with those prospects for me and for my realtor is incredibly important. BNTouch CRM allows me to do just that.

On top of having all the features I have been looking for, there are additional features (Partner Portal, Customer Portal, etc.) that are over the top incredible. I also wanted to mention that, as happy as I am with the product, I am just as happy with the product support. They are incredibly responsive and trust me, I am high maintenance!

Sheryl Laskie
Guild Mortgage Company

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your software !!!!!!! I have been in the mortgage industry for 25 years, and if I had this application years ago, I couldn’t even imagine how incredible my client/partner base would be today !!!!!

Steven Baritz
Island Federal Mortgage Corp

Here is my story. I started in the mortgage business in September 2002. Originally I used ACT as my CRM and it worked well (at least I thought so) until I had several hundred contacts. I still thought it worked well but it took quite a bit of my time to maintain. I decide to investigate CRM’s in 2004 and looked at most if not all of the CRM’s available. I chose BNTouch and it has been a critical piece of building my business. Once the system is set up long term follow up becomes automatic. BNTouch works 24/7 keeping me in front of my database.

I believe that if a Loan Officer commits to putting the information in on every contact they will see an increase in their mortgage production. In 2009 I closed 478 mortgages and in 2010 I closed 574 mortgages. This would not have happened without BNTouch.

Rick Ripma
Union Savings Bank

We have used BNTouch for years, and the ability to plan out our business, and have a systematic approach to building it has been a key component to our success.

Brian Bomar
The Bomar Team
Cornerstone Home Lending

BNTouch is the most complete system for the money. I am very impressed with the full range of capabilities. Most importantly, I found it easy to use, fully customizable, and it integrates seamlessly with my current systems.

Mike Pacheco
Senior Loan Officer

My experience with BNTouch has been a very good one. In the past I have mentioned to the team that I believe that BNTouch saved my business. What I mean by that was everyday I had my list of people to call to remind them that their mortgage was done about 6, 12, 18 months or 2 year ago and this is just a check in call to make sure that everything is fine with their mortgage and also at the same time asking them for a lead from maybe their friends or family.

I have had actual clients tell me that because of my routine phone calls that they chose to come to my business over the competition. One lady told me she had a fight with her husband about it because she really liked me calling her every six months just to check in. He wanted to go to a bank for a small consolidation loan but she convinced him to come and talk to us first and we re-did there mortgage and helped them save $600 a month.

So, I am a firm believer in BNTouch and if we didn’t have it I am sure that we would not be in business today.

Margaret Shinners
The Real Estate and Mortgage Store
Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia

We use BNTouch for various reasons. BNTouch has played an integral role in our company’s strides to tackle and master the 8 arms of what we term the “octopus”. It has been particularly helpful in communicating with past and prospective clients and making sure Shamrock Financial stays on their mind.

It has also proved beneficial with joint marketing efforts with Realtors and other partnerships. The BNTouch team is extremely helpful and they graciously held my hand as I learned how to use the CRM. I look forward to seeing what BNTouch adds to its many attributes in the future!

Shamrock Financial Corp.
East Providence, RI
Shalimar Albanese
Marketing Assistant

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