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SMS & voice marketing

SMS and Voice

BNTouch voice is an extension of BNTouch CRM that allows you to place automatic calls and send Text/SMS messages right from the CRM. It also allows you to make automated calls and send automated SMS messages as part of your marketing campaigns.

With BNTouch Voice you can record your messages and broadcast them over to your clients, partners and colleagues. BNTouch will dial the phone for you, play your message to the recipient and connect the two of you if needed.

Send Voice & SMS/Text Broadcasts

Send to borrowers, co-borrowers, loan participants, and other partners and colleagues

Send SMS/Text & Voice Meeting Reminders

Send to yourself, your LO’s, borrowers and partners

Mortgage Expert Tools

Create Voice “Mortgage Expert” Reports and promote them to your website visitors

Integrated Text-to-Speech Processor

Use integrated text-to-speech processor to personalize your messages with BNTouch metatags

SMS/Texts with Touch-to-Dial and Voice calls with Press-to-Connect

Call your phone or send a text message within seconds after you have a new lead using Press-to-Connect

Send SMS/Texts & Voice Status Updates

Update partners and borrowers on the status of the loan with voice or SMS messages

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“BNTouch is the most complete system for the money. I am very impressed with the full range of capabilities. Most importantly, I found it easy to use, fully customizable, and it integrates seamlessly with my current systems.”

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