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Print & Mail

Print and Mail

Easily print and mail personal letters with BNTouch!

Our system allows you to mix in the mail-merged documents that you can generate as part of a marketing campaign and as a one off letter. Print personalized marketing materials in your office and mail to one person or hundreds.

Mail-Merged Documents Generator

Generate mail-merged documents as part of your marketing campaign.
If you prefer to print in-house letters and other marketing materials BNTouch has the right tools for you

Export/Integrate with Mailing Company

If you prefer to use a third-party mail fulfillment company to print letters and other marketing materials, BNTouch has export features you can use as a part of a marketing campaign. Email lists to your mail fulfillment company with one click! We can also integrate with the company of your choice

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“BNTouch is the most complete system for the money. I am very impressed with the full range of capabilities. Most importantly, I found it easy to use, fully customizable, and it integrates seamlessly with my current systems.”

Mike Pacheco
Senior Loan Officer

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