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BNTouch is getting back to basics with BNTouch Mail add-on. Now you can send full-colored postcards as part of your marketing campaign with just one click!

Mix in some old-school marketing with mail pieces into your “New Lead” or “Funded” campaign. Get your refinance prospects hooked with colorful “Low Rates” cards. The possibilities are endless.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

No need to prepay for years ahead. Just refill your BNTouch Mail balance and use it as needed.

No minimum orders, No monthly fees

Send 1 or 1000 cards each day or month. There is no minimum usage, no monthly fees, and no other obligations.

Cards are branded with your photo, logo and contact information

Your custom text is integrated with each campaign step into the back of the card. Each card can have a unique message!

Regular and Jumbo Cards

2 sizes to choose from. Go easy on your budget or get noticed!

Fully integrated with BNTouch CRM marketing engine

You can control who is getting your postcards and who is on the email campaign. Automate the sending out of birthday cards, loan anniversary cards, and other events.

Pre-designed Cards

We will be constantly updating our database of artwork. Your suggestions are welcome!

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“A truly amazing system, I’m looking forward to becoming more automated and systematic.”

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