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Partners portals and apps

Partners Portals
    and Apps

Every partner in your database has their own personalized Partner Portal and personalized App.

Partner Portal allows you to update and collaborate with every participant of the loan. Partner Portal comes with your CRM system and provides a personalized space for each partner to review the latest information about loan processes they participate in, leave comments, and submit new referrals and more. Partner Portal saves a tremendous amount of time for subscribers by cutting down the number of phone calls you have to make each day.

Desktop, Mobile and App Access

Your partners will be able to stay in touch with you no matter which device they use. Apps allow instant push notifications to be sent right to the app

Transactions Overview

Imagine giving your partners access to a full list of mortgage transactions that they participate in! Your partners can review their client’s contact information, all comments that were made during the transaction and the current loan status.

Feedback Monitor

Partners can leave comments on any loan process. Comments go straight into your CRM and attach to the loan’s record

Review Personal Info

Partners can review their contact information in your CRM system. They can request to update that information to keep it up-to-date

One Click Log Share

With just one click you can update on the status of your loan or share important information with all or selected number of loan participants. The system will email each of them a direct link to their Partner Portal’s proper page

Submit New Lead/Referral

Partners can submit new leads/referrals right into your CRM system. Partners will automatically be attached as a participant and marked as one who referred the lead to you. The lead record will automatically be available for them to track on their Partner Portal

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