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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

BNTouch is centralized and automated email marketing platform

At BNTouch, we make email marketing easy with centralized marketing abilities and automation tools. Our intelligent marketing system will send personalized emails to borrowers, partners, colleagues and others automatically. You only need to “set it and forget it”.

Centralized Email Marketing

Create all of your emails in one account for all of your marketing activities. No need to recreate the same message for each of your loan officers / staff. You can allow or deny loan officers to modify pre-written materials that you put into the system.

Personalized Emails

Use the BNTouch meta tags to merge data into your emails. BNTouch has meta tags for every field in the system so you can write a message once, save it, and BNTouch will fill in the details when it goes to send it.

Email Automation

BNTouch will automatically send your emails and reminders on the day they are supposed to go out. Don’t leave it up to your sales staff to remember, let BNTouch guide them through your sales process to ensure that your leads don’t fall through the cracks.


Every time you send an email from BNTouch, the system records it into Tracker. You can easily pull-up a history of all emails that have been sent to borrower or partner.


BNTouch provides you with variety of reports that will help you get a good understanding of how your email marketing is performing and which user or branch is better utilizing the email marketing tool.

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“I wanted to tell everyone about BN Touch CRM. I have been in title and mortgage for over 20 years and I have been searching a very long time for a CRM with the following features: Affordable, easy to use, automated newsletters, detailed information ability, and label printing to help me to easily keep up with my prospects and clients…”

Sheryl Laskie
Guild Mortgage Company

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