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Maximize your Marketing

bntouch CRM offers you variety of marketing
channels to reach out to your database.

Virtually any possible way to reach out to your borrowers and realtors is available to you within BNTouch. We strive to bring you closer to your clients and partners with the most cost effective and cool ways possible.

We offer the most ubiquitous way to market – email marketing suite that is used by almost 100% of our subscribers. You can do old school postcard marketing and communicate in new, most intimate way – via push notifications with those have your app installed on their phones. We are here to help you create and promote your brand through all channels of communication you chose to use in our CRM.

BNTouch Marketing Channels

Email Marketing

Our intelligent marketing system will send personalized emails to borrowers, partners, colleagues and others automatically.

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SMS and Voice Marketing

BNTouch Voice is an extension of BNTouch CRM that allows you to place automatic calls and send Text/SMS messages right from the CRM.

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Postcards Marketing

You can send full-colored postcards as part of your marketing campaign with just few clicks.

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Print and mail

Generate mail-merged documents as part of your marketing campaign.

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Social Networks Integrations

Social integration enables our subscribers to build and support their profiles in the social world.

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Borrowers Portals and Apps

The Loan Portal and App is a place where each borrower can view status information, submit feedback or view latest information about their property.

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Partners Portals and Apps

Every partner in your database has their own Partner Portal and connected to you via App on their phone

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Corporate and LO’s Websites

Communicate via unique corporate website that will attract right borrowers and partners.

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Industry Leaders Rock with BNTouch:

“…On top of having all the features I have been looking for, there are additional features (Partner Portal, Customer Portal, etc.) that are over the top incredible. I also wanted to mention that, as happy as I am with the product, I am just as happy with the product support. They are incredibly responsive and trust me, I am high maintenance!”

Sheryl Laskie
Guild Mortgage Company

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